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Success Stories
Of course, like all serious dating sites we have our success stories, and here are some of them. These Western men came to CLM to seek, find, meet, befriend, chat with, and love a beautiful Chinese women, and succeeded. So can you.
Hope1314 & Zimbra Live Happily Together in Norway

Happy Chinese Bride and Lucky Western GroomHope1314 and Zimbra have recently contacted us and provided their Success Story, although they met some time ago. They decided to wait until they were happily married and living together in Norway before presenting themselves to the membership.  We're very happy for them and were excited to receive their great report.

We encourage others of our many success stories who we know are being shy to please follow in their footsteps and report to us now.  This is why CLM exists and we know that only 1 in a 100 couples are providing us with these great success stories. Thanks to Zimbra and Hope1314, here's another one. Just more proof that with courage and a great dream, incredible happiness is possible.

Please first see Hope1314's story in Chinese or scroll down for Zimbra's story in English.


Hope1314 Writes:


我非常感谢伊甸园国际交友网(CLM),让我找到了我的幸福、我的另一半、我最亲爱的人!我在2009年无意中发现这个网站,之后我与一位会员交往,交往很长时间后还是以没有结果而收场,当时我非常伤心。我在伊甸园网站认识了一些朋友,当时是他们给我鼓励,让我重新点燃了希望。201039日我删除了我的资料,用 “HOPE1314"的用户名重新注册了资料,希望这个用户名会给我带来希望和幸福,果真,很快我就在网上认识了我现在的老公JORGEN,我美丽的童话也就在认识他那天起开始。






在他来中国之前我们就着手办理我去挪威的签证。86日我到广州机场迎接他,在网上谈了3个月的恋爱那天还是我们第一次见面。我无法言语那天我有多高兴和激动,我真不敢相信这是真的。第二天我们就到影楼摄 了一些婚纱照。在89日那天我们在中国举办了婚宴。813日我们到挪威驻中国领使去办理我的签证,他们告诉我最快也要等6个月才有通知。我老公发了一些我们的婚纱照到挪威报社告诉他们我们在中国举办了婚宴,过了两天他的亲戚发邮件告诉他说现在所有的人也知道他在中国结婚有妻子了。92日我老公回挪威,他到达挪威后,很多亲戚朋友都给他祝贺。很快当地移民局也和他谈话了解我们的婚姻。他计划在2011年的新年到中国,并定了机票。1123早上930分我突然接挪威在中国大使馆的电话,他们告诉我我的签证下来了。我非常高兴赶紧发短信告诉我老公。因为我们没有想到那么快得到签证,所以他又帮我订了一张过完新年后和他一起回挪威的机票。Happy Chinese-Western Couple




我和JORGEN的结合是一个童话,我要让所有的人都相信这是一个真实的童话。我要对大家说的是:即使在伊甸园上有过失败也不要放弃,我相信你们最终都能找到你们生命的另一半、你们的真爱!我不能用语言表达对伊甸园的感谢,如果没有伊甸园这个网站我相信我绝不会找到我现在的老公,今天也绝不会在这里告诉大家这样一个美丽而真实的童话故事。我希望在伊甸园(CLM)你们要记住两个字,那就是相信,相信伊甸园、  相信爱 、相信缘份!


Zimbra Writes:


Now is the time.


We have long ago decided to write to the CLM to tell our story but wanted to wait until all paperwork was in order. Here is my story:


I wished to find the woman in my life who wanted me to be the most important in her life as she is willing to be the most important in my life. The idea to find the woman who will share everything... thoughts, time and space and the ability of mental proximity and unlimited confidence. I wanted to find the woman who let the relationship be the most important regardless of the situation and challenge that appears in life. BE TOGETHER and have trust!


It is clear that this idea for some may seem old fashion and and with a Western approach, it is easy to misunderstand.


I became conscious of an old dream of a Chinese woman which I always saw as impossible to realize. But now I was ready to change this. I would... go for the realization of this dream .


This couple truly look perfectly matched. Everyone here at CLM is very excited and happy for them.I wanted the woman who was aware of limitation created by our time and culture, who is conscious of constraints, which is able to free herself from mental limitations and make conscious choices of her own.


Some friends told me that I should be found by a woman.


As the time we live in gives us the possibility to connect with people around the world ,distance is not an issue. I decide to go for my dream and nothing less!


I used a different website first, where I had a bad experience.


There was a pause and reflection.


Suddenly I found CLM!


CLM differs from other dating service by securing their users in a satisfactory manner by filtering out abusers in effective ways.


I followed with the IP addresses which was interesting and gave a picture that rogue users of the website have bad conditions. Also the translation was good help and as good as any other you might pay for on other websites.


But should it be possible to find what I am looking for?


YES ... suddenly she was there!


The female aspect I seek,the woman that would be my mate in mind and thought. She... who could share my thoughts, opinions, visions and viewpoints. She would share all.


From the first moment I knew intuitively that she was just right for me. I never had doubt. The 9th March, 2010, was the beginning of many happy hours of chat.


We chat hours every day, for weeks. Weeks became month. Viewpoints, feelings, mental approach, essentials of life were exchanged.


How long time should we chat? Are we ready for the next step? How long time do we need to know each other before we meet... how long time do people actually need to know each other before they decide to live together? What about marriage?


This question find it`s answer: Amazingly did Meiling share the the viewpoint that time was not an issue itself. If you do not trust yourself you cannot trust other people. Actually did we already act like a couple even we were apart in physical matter.


Some of my friends had their doubt and some even added warnings.


Other friends gave a great support and had a true interest in what was going on. Along with the process of getting closer mentally during everyday chat the loving support of friends and specially Meilings mothers confidence and support was an extraordinary experience.


I decided to go to China and bought the ticket. Now we started the wedding planning. This was very much Meilings responsibility as I was unable to add any practical effort. Meanwhile we both started to collect all necessary documents.


It can be intimidating with many papers and documents that may be provided, but we said to ourselves that it's just a challenge of life to be taken care of, not a problem. We decided then and there that we should not let this become the mental issue that create the hinder by thinking that something is difficult... We were ready to overcome all obstacles together.


I started a dialog with Norwegian immigration authorities (UDI).


The idea was to make the whole process as smooth as possible.


We marked the marriage with the family present in China.


We went together to the embassy to apply for visa. Everything went smooth.


Our plan was to go together to Norway after my New Year visit to China.


And that was exactly what we did.


We collected all documents carefully with intent to do everything right the first time to avoid unnecessary use of time. As a result we could find that the UDI deadline was shortened to the minimum.


We have a mutual understanding that we replace doubt with confidence and affection. This creates magical experiences in the moment when culture or language prevents communication. We let the heart rule.


Thanks to CLM for the great website that creates great opportunities.


Wish You Good Luck for the future!


                              Jurgen (Zimbra

Togehter in Hong Kong

Making it offical in Norway

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