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Cross Cultural Differences can be a Blessing or a Curse. It all Depends on Your Attitude!

Success Stories
Of course, like all serious dating sites we have our success stories, and here are some of them. These Western men came to CLM to seek, find, meet, befriend, chat with, and love a beautiful Chinese women, and succeeded. So can you.
Anya777 & PrinceDouglas Create A Romantic Love Story 我们的爱情

This is really a very beautiful Success Story, as provided in Anya777's own words, first in English and then in Chinese.  That is followed by the equally poignant version of describing this romantic fairy tale by PrinceDouglas. We hope you'll enjoy this beautiful description of how a beautiful Chinese woman and a good Western man can can meet and fall in love on  We've had many Success Stories, but none described any more beautifully than this.

This romantinc Chinese bride and her loving Western husband are truly a wonderful match.

Our  Love - Anny777

We are grateful for the CLM Web site, I met my husband JOHN here. We have married and very happy.

When I saw my husband's photo in the CLM, I immediately liked him. His picture is the bow or the side, I can not see his eyes, but his outline and look like my father, my father had died many years ago. I believe he is the man I'm looking for. I wrote the first letter to him, and surprise, he also liked me very much.

Now when we read  Letters of the past, we were surprised to find in our second letter, we have like an old friend. The third letter, We love each other.   in the ninth day, he told me ,he loved me and he will come to China to see me, and I do not hesitate to agree.

But we do not want to cause regret because of the impulse, because we are looking for the kind of lasting love and marriage. So we decided we must be  sensible and calm, and we Decided, we continue to understand each other for three months ,and after three months, if we are still love, then he will come to China, we will get married.

I'm not good at English, I remember When he called me in the first time, he spoke English, I  spoke Chinese, we actually call for  a few hours, we do not know each other, but  we do not want to hang up the phone, and now when we think about it, we also think it is very funny. every time, when we chat, we also call each other, when we listen to each other's voice, we feel our hearts are so close.  every day, when I wake up and before I go to sleep, he always  call me. during the day as long as we can, we will keep the phone and chat, the longest time, we have call from the morning to the night. the phone has been in charge, I did not eat lunch ,he sleep .we need better communication if we  understand well each other,so  I immediately to join a foreign language school.

He gave me an English name ,the  name is  Grace. he said I am the gift from god, he thought I was his treasures. I really like the name. every day my English has improved quickly, we can freely exchange, my husband is the best English teacher. but he still like i speak  Chinese, and  many time, I'm at work, he do not let me hang up the phone, he was in the distant United States, he heard i exchange with  customers, he thought it is very wonderful, and sometimes he listening to my phone and he  fell asleep,my  poor child.

Soon, we removed the  photo  from CLM and shut down our personal information, because we do not want some one  disturb our world, we have each other, it is enough. he is very nice and he always want do some for me,  he wanted to send a iphone  to me and send other gifts to me , I refused, because I only want his love before marriage, I do not want  he pay  any money for me.

We are surprisingly similar, and often, he think  I would like , I think he like  too, we always think the same. previously, I thought our culture is different, we will have some  problem, but our values and outlook on life are very consistent, and we are  so easy and enjoyable. we've been married so long time, but we have not yet occurred a quarrel. after I met my husband, I really believe on this world, really there is a kind of feeling is you have me, I have you.  
Three months later, March 6, my husband came to China. I waited for him at the airport, everything is wonderful!  I will never forget  the moment. Wherever we are in, his eyes is full of love for me, and then he gently touch me, kiss me, I always bathed in the warmth of his love. I always feel i am the happiest woman in this world. we like two happy children.
The happy couple vist the Great Wall of China
I took him a to visit  Beijing's Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven, Great Wall, he was surprised at the Chinese culture. Then I took him to meet with my family, when my family saw him,my family all like him, my family said he is very like my father. there were tears in mother's eyes, and later my mother told me , when my mother saw him and mother miss my father.

My daughter very likes him,  he and my  daughter  became good friends quickly. anything is easy, there is no contradiction. my  family agreed  me to marry  with he, although we see him once, but my family saw he take good care of me, my family believe  his love is so sincere and warm to me. he is such a good, simple, trustworthy person.

He gave my family a lot of gifts , he sent  a ipad computer to  my daughter , gave me a necklace, it is my most precious gift. I bought a down jacket for him, I bought a gift for his daughter, son, grandson, mother, and his friends. I sent him a jade pendant, this pendant will protect him.

We can not wait, we decided to get married next month. He have  only seven-day holiday. the day before he returned to the United States, he let me chose one of my favorite diamond ring as our engagement ring.

When I told my friend I want to get married with he, they all said I'm crazy, because when they asked me about he,  I do not know anything about him. I do not know his work, I do not know his financial situation, I do not know where he lives. the only thing I know I love him, he loves me. we know for three months, but we forget to ask other things, we just pay attention to  our heart and spirit, without pay any attention to other things. friends against we get married soon, they think I am blind and impulsive.

A  friend told me, if  he has a debt, our life will be very difficult. I thought for a moment, I do not hesitate to say that if he really have debt, then I am willing to work hard to pay off the debt with him, as long as we have true  love, I'm not afraid of hard life with he. My family believe our love, I believe our love is true love, we will get married as scheduled.     
April 17th, my husband came back China. he put all his money and cards on the bed, he said, these are all his property, and all gave me for our wedding. my husband is not a rich man, but I know he gave me his all, it is enough to me, i can not  leave him forever.

The next day, in the April 18, we register marriage, and then We finished the wedding photos. my mother gave us a gold ring as a wedding gift, inside of each ring engraved with our names, it is a unique ring. when we video, he like show me his hand  with the ring.

But at this time, my sister will have a new child, so my sister can't attend our wedding banquet. his holiday is very short, so we do not have a wedding banquet, we decided the next time when he come back to China again, we will have a wedding banquet. 

Fun in the snow on happy Chinese honeymoon in Lijiang.We spend the honeymoon in lijiang of yunnan province, the honeymoon is the most wonderful time, we have a striking similarity, we have the same interests and hobbies. we boating in the lugu lake. we rode horse on the Tea-Horse Road, we have snowball fights on the Yulong Snow Mountain, we all like climbing mountain and outdoor sports. we drink coffee in Lijiang Ancient Street bar. we play table tennis together.

I was surprised that he is good at playing table tennis. when he exercise, he is like a little boy. we do sports together, he was so healthy and strong, he can easily do a lot of push-ups, he can do a lot of difficult fitness movements, my husband is very younger in my heart.

We get up early, a few people in the ancient city in the morning, we go to take pictures, flowers and plants, the ancient city of beauty in our lens, and then we hand in hand and walk in the ancient streets. the sun shines on our face, bathed in happiness. . .

We bought a new ball, we held a game in a hotel room, who lose the game, who must take off clothes, he lost. I still remember that moment he is  cute.

We listen to music, I like his music, I close my eyes and i quietly listening to those music, the music is around me. we bought a lot of candles in our room, the music, gently dance together, do not practice, our steps will always be very harmonious.

After honeymoon, we took my daughter and sister's daughter, we were riding a bicycle around the beach, we climbed a fence near the road, we saw a small international skating competitions. he encouraged for the United States team, we encourage for China team. we took my daughter, we drink coffee, eat western food, play together, we are a happy family!

Yesterday, he made a birthday card  for our daughter, in the  card ,he  painted a beautiful picture and wrote "a birthday begins new life, we can have a birthday every day, if we want", his words are simple and warm. he will send other gifts  to our daughter's school, I think, when our daughter receive his gift, she must be very pleasantly surprised and very happy. he was very concerned about my daughter's inner needs and growth, and daughter likes him very much. I believe that he is not only a good husband, but also a good father.

We can not bear separation moment at the airport, we hugged each other, we can not control the tears, many people looked at us, but we can not see, because the moment we do not want to separate...

My husband  does not want i work hard for my two shop, so he want  i  turn off one shop, then I will have enough time to do what i like. then he will sent  money to us every month, he told me, i do not worry about anything, he will take good care of us.  I do not need his money, but his commitment makes me feel more secure, I know I am not alone, I am warm in my heart. I want to say to my husband: this life, the lucky  thing is  I met you! I want say to him: next life, I am eager to meet you too! 
We are grateful for the CLM Web site at the bottom of my heart, CLM brought me happiness, when we need our chats for visa. CLM help us, they help us download chats. the CLM  provides better evidence for our visa. I hope we can get together as soon as possible with CLM help. also we hope the CLM Web site can be better and better, we hope all sisters of CLM  will be happy soon!

This Chinese wife and American husband prove that love overrides politics always.


我不擅长英语,记得第一次通话的时候,他说着英语,我说着中文,我们各自说着各自的语言,居然通了几个小时,谁也舍不得放下电话,谁也不知道谁在说什么,现在我们想起来还觉得非常好笑。每一天,当我们聊天的时候,也一定同时通着电话,因为我们谁也离不开谁的声音,当我们听着彼此的声音的时候,我们感觉我们的心离的那么近。每一天当我睡醒的时候和晚上睡觉前,他都会打电话给我,白天我们只要能有机会就会不停的电话和聊天,最长一次,我们从早晨一直通话到了晚上,手机一直在充电中。我没有吃午饭, 他也没有睡觉。为了我们能更好交流,我立刻报了英语学校,他送给了我一个英文名字叫Grace.他说我是上帝送给他的礼物,我是他的珍宝。我非常喜欢这个名字。每天在和他不断的通话中和英语学校的学习中,我的英语进步很快,我们现在可以畅通无阻的交流,我的丈夫是最好的英语老师。不过他依然喜欢听我说中文,很多时候,我在工作,他不让我挂断电话,他就在遥远的美国,听着我和顾客交流,他听着美妙极了,有的时候他就那样听着睡着了,可怜的孩子。很快,我们都撤掉了自己在CLM的照片,关闭了资料,因为我们不想别人打扰我们的世界,彼此拥有,已经足够。他是特别善良和愿意付出的人,总是想把全世界都给我,他要送我iphone手机和其他的礼物,我都拒绝了,因为我只想要他的爱,在结婚之前,我不想他为我花任何钱。我们惊人的相似,很多时候,他想的就是我想的,我想的就是他想的,我们总是能达成共识,非常默契。以前,我以为文化的差距,我们会有问题,但是我们的价值观,人生观都惊人的一致,我们的一切交流都那么容易和愉快。我们已经结婚这么久,还没有发生一次矛盾。做什么事情,我们都会一拍即合,枯燥的事情都变得充满乐趣。遇到我丈夫后,我真的相信,这个世界上,真的有一种感情是你中有我,我中有你,你就是我,我就是你。
This American man cannot hide his intense love for his lovely China bride.         三个月后,也就是3月6号,我的丈夫如约来到中国。我在机场接他,那种美妙的感觉不能言说。这一生我都不会忘记。无论我们走到哪里,他总是会突然呆呆的看着我,眼睛里充满了爱恋,然后轻轻的抚摸我,亲吻我,我总是沐浴在他的爱的温暖中。他的爱让我时刻都觉得自己是这个世界上最幸福的女人。我们像两个快乐的孩子,我带他
Finding time to relax during an active honeymoon in Lijiang.      4月17号,我的丈夫再一次来到了中国。他把他所有的钱和卡放到床上,他说,这些是他所有的钱,全部都给我,为我们结婚。我丈夫不是一个富有的人,但是我知道,他把他的全部都给了我,这些足够了,足够让我一生一世爱他了。一个把全部都给你的男人,这一生你还能离开他么?第二天4月18号,我们办理了结婚登记手续,然后去拍了婚纱照。妈妈送了我们一对金戒指作为结婚礼物,每个戒指里面刻着我们的名字,那是最独一无二的戒指。我的丈夫非常喜欢,每次我们视频,他都会给我看他手上的戒指。但是因为这个时间恰好妹妹生孩子,他的假期时间又少,我们没有办喜宴,我们决定下一次他来中国的时候,我们在补办喜宴。我们先去度蜜月,在云南丽江的蜜月是我们最美妙的时光。我们有着惊人的相似,有着共同的兴趣和爱好。我们快乐的在泸沽湖上荡舟,在茶马古道上骑马,在玉龙雪山上打雪仗,我们都喜欢登山和户外运动。我们在丽江古街的酒吧里泡吧,一起寻觅古城的角角落落,探寻那些新奇的发现。我们一起打乒乓球,我很惊讶他的乒乓球打的那么好。我们一起踢毽子,他笨笨的样子很可爱。我们一起早起做运动,他是那么健康和强壮,可以很轻松的做很多俯卧撑,做很多难度大的健身动作,我的丈夫是如此年轻和充满活力。我们早早起床,清晨的古城人很少,我们一起去拍片,那些花花草草,古城美景都收进了我们的镜头里,然后携手在古街上漫步。阳光洒在我们的脸上,铺满了幸福。。。我们买了一种新的球,在酒店房间里,我们比赛,谁输一次谁就脱一件衣服,结果,他输掉了,呵呵,我现在还记得他傻傻的尴尬的样子。我们一起听音乐,我喜欢他的那些音乐,现在闭上眼睛静静的听,那些音乐还环绕在我的身边。我们买了很多蜡烛,点满了房间,放着音乐,一起轻轻偎依着慢舞,不用练习,我们的舞步总是会非常和谐。
蜜月回来之后,我们带着女儿和妹妹的女儿,一起骑着单车围绕着海边骑行,在路上我们还爬上了一个围墙看了一场小型的国际的轮滑比赛。他努力为他们的美国队加油,我们努力的为中国队加油。带着女儿,我们一起喝咖啡,吃西餐,一起游玩,我们就是幸福的一家人!昨天他给女儿制作了生日贺卡,上面写着“a birthday begins new life ,we can have a  birthday every day ,if we want”,朴实而温暖。其他的礼物他要邮寄到女儿的学校,我想,当女儿收到他的礼物的时候,一定很惊喜,很快乐。他很关心女儿的内心需要和成长,女儿非常喜欢他。我相信他不仅是一个好丈夫,也是一个好父亲。我们最不能忍受的是在机场分离的时刻,我们紧紧拥抱着,忍不住大哭,很多人看着我们,但是我们无法顾及,那一刻我们只想不分离。。。

Happiness comes to this wonderful couple who met on CLM.


Our Love - PrinceDouglas

I remember seeing her face, she was wearing sun glasses, and to me a MonaLisa type pretty and mysterious I thought and then......the door knob to my heart turned a little....instantly.....and I smiled inside. On the clm site, she introduced herself and interest in getting to know me.......and I found myself surrendering so easily.Like good friends, we went to the park together to play, the toys in our playbox were words flowing from our imagination. The bridge between her Chinese and my English.....CLM's translator .......worked miracles.

She spoke a little english; I spoke no Chinese ........yet we played and played....perfectly. Then she asked my intentions .........what was I looking for ..... What was my purpose............and if I found love, did I believe in marriage.Unraveling her fears of the "swindlers"....that she knew existed in the world.My answer was simplified because I knew what I core beauty and meaning of life....... I wanted a woman to love.....I wanted a Chinese Asian woman because of how I had heard they loved their husbands......and yes I would come to china to see her .........and yes I would marry her, if She was the one.As we stopped chatting that day, I was amazed at how quickly our relationship had grown. From the tone of her voice to the long length of her black hair, ........her witty mind and ease of conversation.......birth a kind of music that felt so good to my spirit....I became so curious about mind began to wander more and more to her world.............I wanted to physically touch her!

So we began talking more.....and more. Especially the mornings, I longed for the tone of her voice...... Before I had seen her beautiful face on the video screen, I fell in love with the sound of her voice. Both of us were very much like children, exploring, experiencing each other. We were so curious......and curious about the same things. Interestingly, there was virtually no interest in bank accounts, houses, possessions or even our professions. Daily feelings.......fears, likes, dislikes....dreams...... What makes us safe inside...........the importance of family was highlighted....the importance of commitment.......the importance of love. We discovered very quickly, we were very similar. Each conversation was a kinda of a confirmation that she was the one. So easy, gentle....our spirits just merged under this umbrella of innocence. Even when she asked me to give her an English name, immediately my mind spoke, "Grace".......a gift from God..........there was no hesitation, no question and she immediately love her new name.

Just as our minds and spirits collided as if they were close friends from childhood, our bodies from the very beginning spoke the same language. I did not waste any time holding back my feelings, my desires....I had waited too already for this Grace. She felt the same.Though we had only a phone and CLM site to assist us, we caressed, kissed and squeezed passion into each conversation. So natural, beautiful and perfect.......the passion would rain onto our moments of time together leaving us soaked in its ecstasy. And then I expressed what I already knew.......I loved this woman...this gift from God..... I love her.

I began begging to physically see her, to touch her, to be near her. All this passion, and these common values and interests.......removed all doubt from my mind. And the door to my heart opened and I invited Grace inside the most intimate parts of my being.There was no need to ask for the opinion of others. She liked climbing mountains, was curious, enjoyed learning and growing. And, she was competitive and wanted to win but for the right reasons. Grace wanted to win so she could give more to those she loved....her daughter,her mother, her Always I could feel her heart giving to me,making me feel special, making me feel loved. Her giving like her giggle was genuine. She said she loved my son, my daughter, my grandson as she said she loved me. And I believed her. Because in many ways I am a child....and so is my Grace. Innocently believing in the promise of love.......and elevating it's importance beyond all things. Miraculously, without a touch of her hand, the smell of her scent, or a kiss on the cheek........I was in love with this special woman so far away in the country of China.....and she passionately love me. But even a strong belief will be tested, especially when the arena is love.So many people have been hurt, there is so much anger, pain and unforgiveness in the hearts of those we walked near. Grace and I were attacked. Our innocent, beautiful, journey of love Was constantly harassed. Sometimes by those closest to us....our friends....our family members. And since the beauty of our treasured love could not be easily seen in times we would have fleeting moments of not feeling "safe" as my Grace so eloquently would say. People of course could not imagine our love as being real.

Our characters were questioned, as well as our financial worthiness. Not knowing something about the other became reason enough to flee from the embrace of this new loving life....even if the departure means a return to a certain kind of death and loneliness. But Grace and i did not pause or search out for the suspicious signs to validate their imaginative fears. We talked often, with trust and honesty. We knew If you want to find out about love..then talk to someone in love......not the others suffering in the chains and bondage of loneliness and it's destructive affects on the spirit. So we began to understand, we needed to be careful with who we talked with. We had yet to have our first kiss.....but We were growing stronger through the adversity. Our love roots were reaching deeper and I vowed I would come to china soon...perhaps march of 2012. Just a few months away.......

Time moved slowly when i bought my ticket to Beijing........I wanted to see her and touch her hand ,......her body, so desperately. But when we talked on the phone and I heard her voice, the hours walked by like minutes. And only the need to sleep or work allowed me to say goodbye.

She met me at Beijing airport. I remember taking her hand and saying to myself, this is the woman I love....finally.......I can not believe it real ....she is so beautiful...even more beautiful than I had imagined. And off we went......she led the way and I followed her like her child. Despite the cultural contradictions she reluctantly let me touch her. Because my hands could not stop the pursuit of your long black hair, her shoulders, the hands extending from her arms.....and I begged to kiss her lips. She soon would let me. We were sitting on a train. Our mutual passion erupting, as it often did on CLM or the phone...only this time I was with her...her beauty, her eyes staring, those beautiful sensuous lips so near, and I squeezed her body. And we both knew this was all real....not a fantasy.....not untrue like the doubters always suggested. The doubters were the losers, as they always will be. We were the winners because we innocently believed that true love is there for those who have the courage to believe. We believed and now we were two people in love. And now we were together.

One week later, I knew I experienced heaven for the first time........and heaven's name was Grace! Her arms m her kiss, ....the generosity of her heart. Even after seeing the Great Wall and the Forbidden City....I thought how meaningless these great human works felt if I had not been holding the hand of my grace. In my best dream I could not have imagined that kind of love. When was the last time a woman took a man's cold hands and place them inside her brazier to warm them . She fed me, clothed me, washed me and led me into a loving paradise one could call Graceland.....God's land. No need was unmet.......and I love her back with all my heart.

Love is so easy when you find your soulmate....the problems of life become events of fun and new experiences   The world becomes refreashed when you hold your soulmate's hand and old things become new. Only a fool would hesitate to enter this new kingdom..........I ran to it! And soI I declared my love, and my commitment.

The night before I was to leave was a time of celebration. I said let's pick out your engagement ring... I went to my computer......googled "Costco"....(.my favorite trusted retailer) asked my Grace, to choose a diamond ring that would always remind her of my love. I remember the excitement of that moment......her full of happiness  as when dreams become true.!.....and i was thinking "so this is how it feels when you buy a diamond ring for someone you love"..........easy, without worry,.....I want to give her the world.......because she had become the rhythm of my heart. And I was no longer lonely.  So then I promised I would try my best to return very soon, perhaps one month.  And she knows I  like to keep my promises.  Soon she brought me to the face full of tears as i heart grieving the loss of her touch. But I knew.......i would see her soon..........And I would marry my Grace....just as I promise.

Back home in Georgia, I made miracles happen.  Now I was to marry this beautiful woman....but there were so many things to do in preparation.  Yes i was motivated but accomplishing things was another matter because love turns a man into a fool. So I started doing things like running up a mountain now and then just to calm my body. My passion for her was turning me into an idiot. I could feel my IQ dropping... I had to sweat my desire for her out of my body.  I found myself exercising often. It worked a little but then I would hear her voice again and return to my idiot state. Being an idiot on your day off is okay. Because nobody is watching. But when your working In intensive care in a hospital, or at the veterans hospital as a psych. Rn......well they do not like idiots so I had to learn to act smart and fool them. I had to keep the new secret in my life...... That I had more or less lost my mind, and had become an idiot because of my love for a beautiful Chinese woman. I learned quickly. And fooled them all. really. But I wanted to believe I did. Sleep is important.

I got the time off from work...... Miracle one.  Two weeks vacation . Then, All the legal paperwork required.....miracle two accomplished.  I packed the diamond ring, some clothes, and boarded the plan back to beijing. I would see her soon and I was a very excited man. Perhaps I should say boy...... Men don't get this excited.......I had become absorbed into this fairy tale of love .......i wanted to kiss her and merge my body inside her......

Suddenly there she was. Her hand touching me, her lips so close. I have arrived at Beijing airport.....and I am back in this heavenly state.........tomorrow we will marry in another we are on the move almost immediately.  My animal instinct is so strong........any physical pause moves me to touch her. I am constantly wanting to wrap my arms around her. How we functioned so well and seemingly accomplished so much is a mystery to me. Never did my mind or eyes leave her body or image.....

Ancient 800 year old cities .....places where honeymooners dream to go......Mountains......snow mountain.....into the clouds...above the clouds .....they gave us oxygen, we were so high........and we threw snow balls and slid on our backs down the side of a slope. And we smiled and touched without shame or the need of approval from others......we were children playing in a playground of love........and all the adult chores of life, had disappeared. So much beauty......but so little memory..........except the memory of my Grace. She's so beautiful when she puts on a dress. I remember how she washed her face and brushed her hair.....these memories are so vivid. Her walk, her smile...that beautiful voice.........I remember her so clearly.  But these other events that most people would worship to me meant so little. It was she I adored ...and passionately devoured whenever I appetite for her could not be quenched.

I gathered around her family several times......Spent quality time getting to know my new daughter.......she is so precious!......her artistic genius, quietly presents itself.

She is easy to love.

She has a warm heart ......I remember being at a restaurant and she helped me find the wash room. As I came out, she was waiting for me escort me back to the table....... I thought to wonderful her caring, her sensitivity.  I remember asking her questions about her artistic work. We talked for a long time. But then it became late and we had to go......but I marveled at her mind and her obvious gifts.

Just like I suddenly appeared at the airport, I was back again.....this time to depart from the woman who was my wife ........ My wife.........I have a ring on my's mother gave us both gold wedding rings. I look at it often.  And  images of my Grace flood my mind. And as i look at the ring, whatever I was doing becomes less important then the thoughts of her.

And although I miss her terribly as we wait for her and her daughter to gain her Visa to the USA, I can tell you I am a happy man now. Because i have found true love. Where most people find reasons to hide from love..........we ceased an opportunity that does not come often.......we took a chance and won the most valuable gift on this earth .........the love of a woman, the love of a man!. And I must thank CLM for being so instrumental in helping

Grace and I, find each other. I remember her picture, that first day. A Mona Lisa smile, with sun glasses covering her eyes. Her lips were so perfectly formed. I wanted to kiss her almost instantly!

Best Wishes/Comments
zhangyongli312 1/31/2016 5:52:36 PM @zhangyongli312
frozen1314 9/8/2014 10:50:35 AM @frozen1314
juliazhou222 7/10/2014 10:43:12 AM @juliazhou222
garden 6/27/2014 8:44:19 AM @garden
细腻的文笔,沉浸在幸福中的女人,祝福你和你的爱人:) 希望大家都能找到生命里的那个他!
chanmao 1/21/2014 5:17:07 PM @chanmao
好幸福,也好羡慕。 祝你们幸福永远....
yinghua9768 12/23/2013 11:37:53 AM @yinghua9768
sunny2014 12/13/2013 2:12:48 PM @sunny2014
@anya777 非常的感动,你们写的非常动人。两个人像一对璧人,如此般配,形象美好,内在的感觉也是如此的丰富。真的好羡慕。更祝福有情人终成眷属。
anya777 12/6/2013 10:49:23 PM @anya777
hnysx 11/26/2013 9:50:45 AM @hnysx
shirley9183 11/9/2013 7:32:44 AM @shirley9183
@anya777 你是个非常贤惠、勤力、真诚的女人,你的老公找到你是他的福气,当然你找到他也是你的福气。祝福你们,真的是非常般配!
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