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Of course, like all serious dating sites we have our success stories, and here are some of them. These Western men came to CLM to seek, find, meet, befriend, chat with, and love a beautiful Chinese women, and succeeded. So can you.
ILoveToday Finds His China Love Match in KongYuNa

Happy Chinese woman with her Canadian husband.Without the Wind and the Rain, There is No Rainbow

My name is 孔玉娜 from China Shijiazhuang City, Hebei Province, with my husband Michael since October 2013 on the CLM site of a marriage acquaintance, friend, in November 2013 officially began dating, June 17, 2014 On this day, we decided to we receive this ever end red single life - marriage certificate. 
I was one from China Shijiazhuang City, Hebei an educational family, three generations of the family are engaged in education, parents simple, hard-working, kind-hearted. Childhood education to pin down my life, goodness, learn, grow in the future going to look at the outside world, open their horizons. And I also like his own request. Since leaving home outside study, work, money, learning, efforts to upgrade their capabilities and quality, now an English teacher at a one of the university. 
Once I do not know how to love, always used to wait, and then ended so no wait let me miss a lot of good fate, so I plucked up courage in a very serious marriage registered their information, hoping to meet my true love, I believe in love, but also believe in fate, my husband Michael, who was the first male marriage information I see on the website, when I first saw him photo and time to introduce myself, I feel this man is what I always dreamed of the man, his character and looks truly touched my heart, so I wrote a letter to his courage, hope, and he seriously exchanges, the next step is to wait long and full of expectations. 
When I received his reply to the mail, I feel very excited, so the next day, we called every day, texting, chat micro letter, send video. A time to chat with him, there is always lots to talk about between us, then,, Michael is a gentleman, and his sincerity, humor, like to joke, people feel very warm in the big boys. We recognize that a month after the formal establishment of a relationship, the next day we have a long distance relationship, like all couples, suffering joy and happiness Acacia torture, due to work reasons, Michael can not come to China to see me immediately, in we decided to discuss the future of the Spring Festival in 2014, he came to Beijing to see me leave, to go to the airport to pick him up that day. 
My mood has been waiting in excitement, I saw a crowd him, and I feel extremely excited, we hugging, kissing, warm and moved to tears at my heart, my heart can not be calm. At that time we lived in the East Building East four of China Xi was just the New Year, we stay in Beijing, along with over a traditional Chinese New Year, we also went to many places, Wangfujing, Houhai, Tiananmen Square, the Forbidden City and other tourist attractions, also went to the school where I work, so he completely understood my life has been working environment, enjoy a lot of Chinese snacks, leaving a lot of really good memories. 
Evening February 2, 2014 in, Michael very seriously from his trunk and pulled out a pair of diamond earrings, heart-shaped peach, sincere told me that he saw me after my love more strong, he has been deeply in love with me, he said this earrings when is our engagement gift, then sincere kneeling in front of me and asked if I would be willing to marry him, he was so honest, I was his sincerity and love touched. Stop the flow of tears, that moment I felt I was the happiest woman in the world, has been such a sincere love, I agreed, happy tears that I would. 
In the February 4, 2014, we went to the airport, I sent him home, at the airport we separated. I hugged him and kept kissing him, really wanted time to be able to go a little slower, so our time together is necessary to separate brief, watched him leave me farther and farther back, my heart such as a knife, has been to see him disappear before my eyes. He had disappeared in the vast sea of security, I stood where we stand, respectively, for a long time, all the memories like a movie together in my mind emerges. 
Just separate days, not used, before he went he left me a piece of T-shirt, so I wore it every day to leave my T-shirt, feeling as if he has never left my side is still the same, we so day by day immersed in Acacia suffering and happiness.
2014 of June 15, michael leave once again came to Beijing, again at the airport to see my beloved people, and I feel more joy and excitement when he walked out of the security out of that moment, I opened my arms and gave a big hug and deep kiss, he kept kissing me, stroking my stomach. 
June 17, 2014, we, with the long-awaited mood in Hebei Province, the Home Office received the red end of our present single life - marriage certificate, the moment we stared at each other, embraced. We get to hear the end of the single permit to live news, we have close friends and colleagues congratulated. Since then become a man, life go hand in hand. 
Because of Michael's work is a busy time to stay in China, only nine days, so we do not rush to prepare for weddings and banquets, so the two of us to discuss the wedding and banquet postponed until after our baby moon. This dinner Double Happiness. Michael is a very family-oriented man, we often plan together with our future, he said, I hope I can follow him to Canada after living to support his work in a traditional Chinese family values​​, marriage, the man followed the woman, wife, mother , so that we no longer separated. I am willing to accept such an arrangement. 
This time, we choose to live in Beijing's bustling Sanlitun, Beijing together to enjoy the stunning scenery, together with the characteristics of snacks, lunch Western, we went shopping, shopping, live in a county called the first of platinum apartments. We went to the Pacific in Sanlitun, villiage and other bustling commercial circles. After we got married, we went to the mall, along with the selection of our favorite rings, since I am willing and he, we will bear storms together, laugh together, whether rich or poor, healthy or disease, I am willing to be true. 
A new mixed family find happiness together.
My mother took my daughter out to play, accidentally fell down, so I decided to take my daughter and Michael received me, by the way let me first try to get along with her ​​daughter and Michael look after when Michael first saw my daughter, eyes revealed to the favorite moment melted my heart, the next few days, we had a very happy and happy days, my daughter and Michael get along particularly well, we went to Chaoyang Park to play particularly happy, I holding my daughter and my beloved man's hand, feeling that he is the happiest woman in the world.
We also shoot a wedding together, looking at photographs of the three of us filled with a happy smile on his face, I have too much indescribable joy, this life to marry this man Michael was my good fortune. 
However happy time is always short, June 24, 2014, Michael to return to Canada. My daughter and I went to the airport to send him all the way feelings are particularly complex moment in time we have not had time to properly enjoy happy time together, but also to leave, I sent him again to the airport, as well as my daughter , told him to get along these days, not at all reluctant to him go on the road kept saying Michael wanted to come back. See Michael leave the back again, I Xinrudaoge, my heart has followed him. 
Now, every day we had time to send video, phone calls, in the video, we were listening to music, chat, chat for later in life, a better vision for the future, every day we have to talk about. I find such a good man for himself proud, I will use my life to cherish the hard-won happiness between us. 
Our love has undergone the test of time, we got married, not emotional, is firm, met the right people, have wanted to spend his idea, the courage to embrace him, love marriage is the happiest thing. We look forward to an early reunion! 
Want to thank international Chinese dating site, without them there would not be a Michael and me. ChinaLoveMatch is the best!
This happy couple look to have a love that will last.不经历风雨,怎会见彩虹的爱情
我是一个来自中国河北石家庄市一个教育世家,家里三代都是从事教育事业,父母朴实、勤劳、善良。从小教育我做人要脚踏实、善良、好好学习,长大将来要到外面的世界看看,开拓自己的眼界。而我也是这样要求自己的。自从离开家乡在外学习、工作、赚钱、再学习,努力提升自己的能力及素质,现在在一所一本大学里做英语教师。曾经我是一个不懂得怎样去爱的女孩,总是习惯于等待,然后这样无止的等待让我错过了很多美好的缘分,于是我鼓起勇气在伊甸园国际交友网这个很严肃的征婚网站上注册了自己的资料,希望能够遇到我的真爱,我相信爱情,也相信缘分,我的先生Michael ,是我在这个网站上看到的第一个男性征婚者的资料,当我第一眼看到他的照片以及自我介绍的时候,我就感觉这个男人就是我一直梦想中的男人,他的文字以及相貌真正的打动了我的心,于是我鼓起勇气给他写了一封信,希望和他认真的交往,接下来就是漫长而又充满期待的等待。当我收到他回复的邮件的时候,我的心情很激动,于是接下来的日子,我们每天打电话,发短信,聊微信,发视频。一有时间就和他聊天,我们之间总是有说不完的话,,Michael 是一个很绅士,为人真诚,幽默,喜欢开玩笑,给人感觉很温暖的大男孩子。在我们认识一个月之后,正式确立了恋爱关系,接下来的日子我们像所有的异地恋情侣一样,饱受幸福的喜悦和相思的折磨,由于工作的原因,Michael不能立刻来中国看我,在我们商量以后决定在2014年的春节,他请假来北京看我,去机场接他的那天,我心情一直都在激动的等待着,我在人群中一眼就看到了他,心情万分的激动,我们拥抱着,亲吻着,温暖以及感动的泪水一下涌上心头,我的心情久久不能平静。当时我们住在东城东四的华玺大厦,当时刚好是春节,我们呆在北京,一起过了一个传统的中国春节,我们还去了很多地方,王府井,后海,天安门,故宫等旅游景点,还去了我工作的学校,让他彻底的了解我的生活已经工作环境,品尝了很多中国的特色小吃,留下了很多很美好的回忆。
2014年2月2日的晚上,Michael 很认真的从他的行李箱里拿出了一对钻石的耳环,桃心型的,真诚的跟我说,他在见我之后,对我的喜欢更加强烈,他已经深深的爱上了我,他说这个耳环就当是我们的订婚礼物,然后真诚的跪在我的面前,问我愿不愿意嫁给他,他是那样的真诚,我被他的真诚和爱感动了。眼泪不停的流,那一刻我感觉我是世界上最最幸福的女人,得到了这样一份真诚的爱,我答应了,含着泪开心的说我愿意。
A true CLM Chinese dating success story!
Could you be the next happy Western man and Chinese wife on CLM?
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Jackshields86 4/16/2018 12:02:42 AM @Jackshields86
Good luck
5278 12/14/2015 8:17:44 PM @5278
Ro6118 3/3/2015 8:38:54 PM @Ro6118
Apinkapple 11/4/2014 2:17:15 PM @Apinkapple
sandy339 11/1/2014 4:10:29 PM @sandy339
Hehe, Congratulations! Thanks for sharing your love story, your story seems so simply and natual, (it sounds so romantic.) It is pity that Michael didn't write anything, we could not learn what he thinks about it... I do wish you two a happy marriage:-)
mao1970 10/30/2014 9:41:04 AM @mao1970
从你们的眼睛里,我读到什么是“爱情”....美的极致! 送上满满的祝福。
zqy2014 10/25/2014 4:40:55 PM @zqy2014
Congratulations Kongyuna & Michael! Good writing, match and happy memories! Thanks for you two to pain a such beautiful love paitings for us...Same best wish given to all serious sisters and brothers could find their perfect life mate sooner or later here....
Helenluo63 10/23/2014 10:22:06 PM @Helenluo63
@Kongyuna & Michael Congratulations to you! Thank you for sharing your love story with us. You both look happy and well matched. I am moved by your great love story and infected by you joy. May everday of yours is full of happiness and harmony.
Nekko 10/22/2014 8:50:05 PM @Nekko
@Kongyuna & Michael Wishing you both the very best of joy and a happiness. May your days be filled with laughter and bliss. You both look like a genuine sincerely happy couple. The eyes tell the story of the heart. The eyes are the windows to the soul. When you find a diamond you take great care of it. I have found my diamond and you have found yours. Nekko
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