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Success Stories
Of course, like all serious dating sites we have our success stories, and here are some of them. These Western men came to CLM to seek, find, meet, befriend, chat with, and love a beautiful Chinese women, and succeeded. So can you.
Zelmaniss and Imi5922 - A CLM Success Story
Introduction by John Abbot
Janessa and Imi are a truly great Chinese dating Success StoryImi5922 (real name Imi) came to CLM already as a person with a bittersweet, but deeply moving, story to tell about a failed attempt to find true love with a Chinese woman through online dating. While he went about his quest to find a successful relationship amongst the many Chinese ladies on, he also wrote an amazing blog series on the CLM Blogs entitled My Love for Lily 我对百合的爱. It entailed 21 parts, and each part had the members of CLM rivetted to the story. Especially the Chinese ladies.
This blog series was so popular with the Chinese women that I can assure you Imi could have had his choice of several thousand of them over the course of the unfolding of his story about his love for Lily. But from what I could see as the Owner/Managing Director of CLM, as well as the moderator of the CLM Blogs, Imi had a clear vision of the type of Chinese woman who would be right for him, and he never succumbed to the temptations of having such a doting mass of admirers, and basically ignored the attention he was receiving from them.
Instead he quietly went about seeking, and ultimately finding, Zelmaniss (real English name Janessa). That isn’t to say who first approached who, I am unaware of that. On CLM we never intrude upon any member’s private communications unless we are investigating a possible Scammer. But knowing Imi as I do through his blogging, I am confident that Imi is with Janessa, regardless of who first approached who, because she stood out to him as being a very special woman, one in a thousand.
And knowing Imi as I do, I have no doubt that Janessa is truly an amazing Chinese woman. One in a thousand.
We can never be 100% certain that a loving relationship will last forever, but based on everything I have seen, I would bet a lot of money that Janessa and Imi will be together until death does them part.
And isn’t that all that we want when we are looking for our one true love.
Imi and Janessa’s Success Story
Interviewer: The voice in my head. In other words, the interviewer matters as much here as the sound of the growing grass in your backyard on a beautiful sunny day.
Interviewee one: Female, Chinese. Username on CLM: Zelmaniss. English name (kind of): Janessa. Location: Shenzhen, China. 
Janessa together with her 12 year old son.In 2015, Janessa was a divorced Chinese woman with a twelve-year-old son. After having no success to find the man she wished for on different Chinese dating sites, she was willing to try her luck on CLM. She had only been on CLM for a few days when she came upon Imi5922's profile which indicated that he was a blogger there as well as an available, single man. Zelmaniss's heart skipped a beat, she recalls it vividly, as she scrolled through Imi5922's photos and profile.
Janessa: “After all these years, I've never thought I would find a man like Imi5922. He's sullen most of the time, but it is only, I know very well now, a protective covering, a sort of shield for him against the harsh reality of life. Under all that morose exterior lies a kind and caring heart.”
Interviewer: “Can you still recall your feelings on the first face-to-face meeting with Imi?”
Janessa: “Yes, I can. I am very nervous. I'm at the airport, waiting for him in the crowd. My stomach is in knots with all that nervous energy. I barely ate all day, you know. Imi's airplane arrives on time, and as it lands, my anticipation goes through the roof. And then, I see him coming through the gate, tall and strong. He gives me a small smirk that he considers a full-blown smile in his world and comes to a halt before me. His presence grabs me with a gentle but overwhelming force, and I am calm for the first time that day.”
Interviewer: “Have you considered him as your potential life partner at that moment?”
Janessa: “I'm not sure. I know I liked him. We didn't have good conversations back then because of my lack of communication skills in English. I guess his first visit only made my already existing feelings stronger for him.”
Interviewer: “Would you consider your relationship with Imi as a success story?”
Janessa: “Yes, I would. We married in August 2016. And after a long immigration procedure, I will finally join him in Canada in the spring of 2019.”
Interviewer: “Wow . . . that has been a long process!”    
Janessa: “Yes, it has, and it could have been even longer if it weren't for the CLM management and members who supported our sponsorship case with written moral support.”
Interviewer: “That was a very nice gesture of them, wouldn't you say?”
Janessa: “Yes, it was, and I will always be grateful for their help. Because of the CLM management and members, I've got not only a better future filled with new things to experience and learn of but also a loving husband who gives me all kinds of new feelings that I have never had before.”
Interviewee two: Male, Hungarian-Canadian. Username on CLM: Imi5922. Real name: Imre Majoros. Preferred name: Imi or Jimmy. Location: Vancouver, Canada.
This cross cultural couple has earned a life together.Imi was still a single man in the spring of 2015 despite having visited two Chinese ladies earlier. He wrote his first story about one of them on CLM, entitled “My Love For Lily,” which was a popular blog series among the female members. Unfortunately, because of that very story, he lost his second Chinese girlfriend, who thought she was going to find the same loving man that she read about in the story. She also thought she was entitled to get the same treatment that Lily got in the story, and Imi was supposed to act with her as he did with Lily.
Imi: “Yes, it was a bummer. I thought that story would easily help me find my way through the labyrinth of Chinese online dating, but it had the opposite effect for all the wrong reasons.”
Interviewer: “What do you mean by that?”
Imi: “Well, the same story can be received by readers in many different ways. For example, in real life, we say I love you, which is good enough to express our feelings for someone we love. However, in a story, that same sincere expression gives no reason for the reader to continue because she or he is not the subject of that fondness. It's not engaging. 'I love you' can actually be described by not even saying the words. We can do that in stories. We can depict feelings by using words and expressions that we don't get much to say in everyday life and have a profound effect on the reader, touching, stirring, and striking a chord deep inside of them.”
Interviewer: “Why was that a problem? Your story was popular. The ladies could get to know you better through your story.”
Imi: “No, they didn't get to know me. Through the story, they had the chance to revisit their old feelings that they once had with someone else. My story only made them remember. Imagine about love and long-forgotten passion again. I didn't give them emotions. They already had those feelings, deep inside of them. So, what I mean is that they wanted to experience all those past feelings of theirs through my story just as much as I wanted to relive my lost love for Lily by writing the story. That's why I liked Janessa. She never read my story about Lily. Therefore she got to know the real me—the everyday Joe and not someone from the story.”
Interviewer: “After all, however, you've got what you wanted. You have to view your online-dating adventure as a success, right?”
Imi: “Well, I have to say a yes and no to that. As far as I'm concerned, it is a success story for CLM management. After all, they are a dating site, and it is their job to give a platform and bring real people together in loving relationships. And in Janessa's and my case, they went the extra mile with their supporting letter for the Canadian Immigration. Name one dating site out there that would do that for its members. With their support and my submitted blog series “Moments of Our Relationship”, our case became so strong that one of the Immigration officers that interviewed me told me that she already knew she was going to give us a positive answer before the interview had even started yet. The meeting was just a formality. That being said, from my point of view, it's just the beginning of a story that could be a success just as much as a disaster. I always said to my family and friends, seeing them get divorced one after the other, I will be married only once and make it last. So, my answer lies in the future. I will consider this relationship a success story when I'll be in my death bed with Janessa holding my hand and seeing me out of this world.”
“Thank you CLM for the enormous help and the possibility to have a future with my wife! Successful or not, it is up to us from now on.”
Best Wishes/Comments
patty1234 5/17/2020 12:40:29 PM @patty1234
you are so lucky, and wish you two happy forever.
Macchap 1/20/2020 8:25:40 AM @Macchap
Reading Imi's blog post and this interview made me smile.
Barry1 4/4/2019 4:32:34 PM @Barry1
Imi5922 Fantastic news, Imi. I'm so happy for both you and Janessa. Wonderful to see how happy you look and how you no doubt both are as loving man and wife. There's an old saying, "The cream always rises to the top". Quality always wins out in the end. In the case of you two, this saying has never been more true. My sincerest best wishes to you, Imi and Janessa. :)
newbeginning 2/21/2019 1:34:17 AM @newbeginning
@Imi and Janessa, congratulations on your marriage and impending reunification in Canada this spring! You both deserve a beautiful future with all you've had to go through with Cultural differences and of course good ole Canadian Immigration. I truly hope you will continue to blog here as WE all can learn from you and from Janessa. May your souls be entwined forever.... From a fellow Canuck NB
mao1970 2/11/2019 10:14:31 AM @mao1970
送上最真挚的祝福, 祝福你们幸福永远! 人生苦短。能遇到对的人,相伴,相知。是幸运! 珍惜,珍重。
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