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Success Stories
Of course, like all serious dating sites we have our success stories, and here are some of them. These Western men came to CLM to seek, find, meet, befriend, chat with, and love a beautiful Chinese women, and succeeded. So can you.
Sweet Success leads to a Marriage made in the Middle Kingdom
Knightxl and XiaXueer find true love.XiaXueer's comments: 非常感谢伊甸园国际交友网( 给我这个平台让我认识我现在的丈夫,我们2008年9月在这里认识 现在已经结婚 感谢伊甸园所有的工作人员给我创建了这么好的平台,让我找到我的真爱, 也希望在这里还在犹豫的朋友加快你的脚步, 不要迟疑, 幸福就在你的身边, 好好的把握和珍惜。
(Translation) Thanks to very much for giving us such a good website, which let me meet my husband.  We met in September, 2008, and now we are married. Thanks again to all the staff of CLM for doing such a great job helping me find my true love.  I hope all my fellow members who have doubts or think it is not possible, don’t let go of your dream. Happiness is close by, all you have to do is take the chance to grab onto it, to cherish it and to enjoy it.

Knightxl's comments: Along with my dear fiancée I want to thank for making it possible to meet my true love. I joined the site looking for a different kind of woman than those whom I had previously dated; a different kind of love. I needed a woman with a truly beautiful heart and personality, selfless, with deep respect for family and the home and the desire to share a loving relationship that would hopefully culminate in a lifelong marriage and the beginning of a new happy family.

From Chinese dating on CLM to finding true love to happily married!I was very fortunate, not too long after looking through some of the many profiles and exchanging messages with several ladies on the site, I found my match. I met xiaxueer online through simple “kisses”, and soon began to exchange messages and emails. She quickly stood out from the rest of the women, even though most of the girls I contacted were all quite nice as well.  We have somehow shared almost every day together since then, even with the time difference and our busy schedules. It wasn’t long after first contact that we began to have feelings for each other. Through e-mails, online video chat, phone calls and text messages our lives became connected, my xiaxueer is now my life.  After a several months of daily video chat and phone romance and sharing our mutual interests I finally took my trip to China to meet my sweet woman from Qingdao and her family in February. She couldn’t believe I was coming to meet her in person and neither could I. Her parents were also thrilled and made preparations to make my visit there a pleasant one.  

I arrived the week before Chinese New Year, tired after a long 22 hour trip from the States, however quickly reenergized at the prospect of finally meeting my wonderful Chinese girlfriend face to face and holding her hands. Sure enough as I exited the security gate at Qingdao airport, there she was standing tall, anxiously awaiting her foreign boyfriend.  We held each other in a warm embrace and just this made the whole trip worthwhile. We quickly headed out to her uncle’s car to go home and meet the family and so began my wonderful time in China with my new love.

This is a picture of a traditional marriage, but far from a traditional couple. Congratulations from CLM.These 2 weeks together were enough to truly know this woman was indeed very special, unlike any woman I had ever dated. Truly she far exceeded all my expectations. Until this day, she doesn’t cease to amaze me every day.  During my last days with xiaxueer in China, I did propose to her and I’m sure she knew I would, I also spoke with her mother and father of my intentions to be a good husband and son to them. I feel happy knowing that her parents approve of me and even care for me. We are engaged to marry and are awaiting visa approval.  We will have a wedding ceremony in China in September and both our parents will have a chance to meet and become one bigger family. We hope to be able to share a few photos once happily married.

I always wanted to visit this incredible country to experience its rich culture, land, and way of life. I never imagined that I would also fall in love with and marry a beautiful Chinese woman. Thank you CLM for this incredible opportunity to meet a truly remarkable woman that will let me love her and love me for life. I hope all the other members can have an equally rewarding experience.





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