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Cross Cultural Differences can be a Blessing or a Curse. It all Depends on Your Attitude!

About Her
A Chinese Woman Loves for Life

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  • From:China, bei jing, bei jing
  • Gender:woman
  • Age:57
  • Height:168 cm (5 ft 6 in)
  • Last login:2021-09-22 06:58:48
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    Lifemate with Male
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Personal Stuff

Deep Thoughts : "我带着一颗真诚的心,寻找个彼此真诚相爱的男士结为夫妻。玩游戏的勿扰"

About Me: 我是49岁北京人离异,本人想通过这个平台带着内心的真诚寻找自己的另一半,共同度过美好的后半生,我已离婚多年,为了孩子一直没有寻找,现在孩子已大学毕业并找到了很好的工作,我完成了做母亲的任务。所以我要开始寻找我的新生活,我算是一位时尚漂亮的女人吧,同样我也有一颗美丽善良的心。业余时间,我喜欢看书,运动走步,爬山,喜欢购物为装扮自己更加靓丽,我喜欢旅游喜欢大自然,喜欢蓝色的大海,让自己的心情开阔,我每年都独自出去旅游,内心感到孤独,女人还是需要男人陪伴。所以,我更希望和我的未来伴侣周游世界,我还喜欢唱歌,跳舞,做饭,收拾房间,我很会调理自己的生活,有生活的情趣。我认为精神生活大于一切,所以,找个自己爱的人在一起那是最大的精神安慰,我是一位普通的女人,喜欢过平平淡淡带有生活乐趣的生活。我是一位诚实,真诚的易相处女人,我讨厌那些虚伪,没有追求,懒惰的人。想寻找一位善良,真诚的男士为伴。我喜欢带着自己的爱人周游世界,旅游是我的最大爱好。

Ideal Partner : 希望他是一位脾气好,不吸烟不酗酒,喜欢中国的文化,懂礼貌爱生活的男士为伴

Leisure Activities : Cooking, Dancing, Music (Listening), Travel/Sightseeing

Admitted Faults :

Her Details and Ideal Partner

Age: 57
Zodiac: Dragon
Star sign: Taurus
Living in: China, bei jing, bei jing
Marital status: Divorced
Body type: Average
Height: 168 cm (5 ft 6 in)
Weight: 66 Kg (146 lb)
Eye colour: Black
Hair colour: Black
Smoking: Non-smoker
Drinking: Non-drinker
Have Children: Yes - at home
Want Children: No
Nationality: China
Religion: Buddhist
Job: Admin / Clerical
Education: Vocational college
Income in USD :
Home type:
Home ownership:
Living situation:
Car owned:
Diet: No special diet
Personality: Social
Pets: No
First Language: Chinese (Mand)
Ablility in Chinese: Fluent: All letters do not need to be translated Fluent: All letters do not need to be translated
Ablility in English: Fluent: All letters do not need to be translated Fluent: All letters do not need to be translated
Other Language Spoken: Chinese (Mand), English
Other Language Written: English
Prepared to relocate?: Yes