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Return, Refund & Cancellation Policy
1.Returns – we will accept the return of gifts given (excluding flowers) provided they are in as new and unopened condition, and we’ll provide a full refund less our costs of shipping them. Flowers are not returnable.

2. Refunds – we will provide full refunds for any gifts or flowers that are not delivered through no fault of the sender or the receiver. Should items be delivered to an address given to us by the sender or the receiver then no refunds can be given.

As soon as gifts or flowers are out of our hands and in the process of delivery no refunds will be given unless delivery does not occur as set out above.

Refunds for upgrades will be provided only if we have clear evidence that no use of the service paid for has been made since the time of payment.

3. Cancellation of your membership does not qualify you for refund in whole or in part of any upgrade fee that has been paid. If you have upgraded by a subscription through any of our payment processors it is your responsibility and not ours to cancel your subscription prior to another payment being made. However, as a courtesy we will cancel your subscription at your request provided you send your request to us to do so at least 72 hours prior to the current upgrade period expiring.

You may cancel a gift or flower order at any time before delivery has been activated and we will provide a full refund.